Reminders – Available Magic Tags

The Reminders feature in the plugin allows you to send email notices to customers before their deliver/pickup order is due for fulfillment. To help make your reminder emails a bit more dynamic, we’ve included a bunch of Magic Tags that can be used in the Subject, Heading, and Body of the email. The available Magic tags are listed below:


In the PRO version there is also an additional Magic Tag: {order_google_maps_link} that Magic Tag can be used to create a link to Google Maps when using the Locations feature. NOTE: This is unrelated to our Kikote plugin.

It’s possible to add your own Magic Tags by using the filter dps_reminders_available_magic_tags. An example of using the filter can be seen below:

function sl_cc_add_reminders_magic_tag($current_tags, $order){
  $current_tags["{billing_city}"] = $order->get_billing_city();
  return $current_tags;
add_filter('dps_reminders_available_magic_tags', 'sl_cc_add_reminders_magic_tag', 10, 2);

In the above snippet we added a new Magic tag called {billing_city}